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Event Start Date : 22/04/2019 Event End Date 22/04/2019


DAV MODEL SCHOOL, IIT KHARAGPUR   celebrated EARTH DAY on 22/04/2019 with much enthusiasm to sensitize the students towards their role in constructive global environmental changes and to show their love for the mother earth.

In this regard all the students and staff of the school assembled in the ground for a special assembly. An informative speech was delivered by a student on Save Earth. Mr. M.K Mishra , a teacher of our school also delivered a persuasive speech on collective responsibilities of four society for the betterment of earth. A melodious group song was presented by the students. Besides, the students of classes I to III got the opportunity to view a power point presentation on “What is Earth Day”. It was followed by an array of class activities.

The students of class II participated in Draw and Colour the green part of the earth

The students of Class III were involved in Poster Making and Slogan Writing on Save Earth.

The students of classes IV and V made models on Best out of Waste based on theme principles of 3R’s.

The students of classes VI to VIII were emphasized to make Paper Bag to signify the use of biodegradable material to reduce pollution.

The students of classes IX and X prepared Poster and wrote Slogans using waste and discarded material to be a part of eco-friendly environment.