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An Educational Tour
Event Start Date : 16/08/2019 Event End Date 16/08/2019

An Educational Tour was organized on the 16th of August 2019, the students of class X to IIT Nehru Museum of Science and Technology, where they were given a brief account of the different roles that the Old Building of the Institute has played throughout times. It was fascinating to discover how it went from being a detention camp to an oasis of learning through a documentary showcasing the history of IIT Kharagpur. 

Students of Aerial Robotics Lab, IIT Kharagpur also displayed four drones which had various useful purposes such as serving at the time of emergencies, live coverage of small programmes, etc.

In addition to this our students were taken around the Naval Architecture Department’s Ship Hydrodynamics lab where they learnt about the mechanism of a wave generator and were told about the process through which a ship’s capacity to move in different depths of water is determined.

The tour was highly informative and enjoyable as it gave the students in-depth knowledge and a chance to interact firsthand with scientific concepts.