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As is well concluded that, Genius is as common as dust. It largely gets suppressed because of our inability to manage and realize the inherent and exclusive potentials engrained in all indivisuals. All children start their school life with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think. This makes the role of school vital, in shaping and nurturing these fertile and imaginative minds into sensitive, creative and intellectual beings for purposeful existence and survival.
Situated in the idyllic setting of the lush green campus of prestigious IIT Kharagpur , DAV Model School, Kharagpur stands a testimony to witness children not only pass with flying colours in School and Board exams but also on Competitive front. The trailblazers of this institution have kept the school flag high with their marvelous feat.
Education here is not only restricted to gain knowledge or information but is so crafted to allow the child learn the essential threads of group dynamics, adjustment, developing interpersonal skills to live in a connected world. And this has become possible because of the plethora of platforms provided by the school through scholastics, co- scholastic activities; values through life skill education; personality development through cultural activities and community interaction. Sports, Art, Music and Dance are given equal importance as one of the objectives of the school is to teach students to dream and chase their dreams. The school infrastructure equipped with all facilities provides a sound platform for students to give wings to their talents.
We at DAV Model School , IIT Kharagpur believe in nurturing citizens with global outlook and philanthropic approach. Immense opportunities are being given to students for getting exposure to global spectrum of education through students visit to foreign countries and students teachers exchange programmes.
Teachers here are a class apart , thoroughly dedicated towards the sole task of grooming the child in such a way so as to allow him to magnify himself, and to multiply himself to make his life full, significant and interesting. Non-teaching staff attend to student’s needs with ardor and diligence.
I thank parents and all stake holders of this institution for entrusting us with such a responsible task so as to teach their child to learn, think and express. I feel proud and blessed to lead and work in collaboration with such a fantastic team of well experienced and qualified staff, industrious office and other support staff, ever enthusiastic parents and all supportive stakeholders with whose support DAV Model School , IIT Kharagpur has been scaling new heights.

Dr. Sweta Malani