Pre-Primary Activities  




Date : 10.07.2023
Name of the Activity : English Word Jumbling Activity:
Skills : Development of 21st century skill
This activity enabled the children to enhance their vocabulary and application of new words in day to day life.
Date : 12.07.2023
Story Telling Activity (Role Playing)
Our little buds of class II enacted the climax of the story The Lion and the Rabbit with utmost enthusiasm and purity of heart. Such activities help to increase verbal proficiency, power of imagination and creativity as well as team work as per NEP 2020. It also opens a door of refreshment for the children in an otherwise mundane classroom.

Date : 13.07.2023

English Activity on decoding the instructions

Subject : English

This activity helps the students to decode the instructions and act accordingly. It also builds a bonding of team work and collaborative spirit.

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