Mega Plantation Drive  

"तस्मात् तडागे सवृक्षा रोप्याः श्रेयोऽर्थिना सदा।

पुत्रवत् परिपाल्याश्च पुत्रास्ते धर्मतः स्मृताः "

Meaning: Therefore Shreyas means a person who desires welfare should plant good trees near the pond and take care of them like a son. In fact, according to religion, trees are considered children only.

इसलिए श्रेयस् यानी कल्याण की इच्छा रखने वाले मनुष्य को चाहिए कि वह तालाब के पास अच्छे-अच्छे पेड़ लगाए और उनका संतान की भांति पालन करे। वास्तव में धर्मानुसार वृक्षों को संतान ही माना गया है।

A tree is the symbol of life and growth. It stands for eternity and selfless well-being. In the four vedas, many herbs, vines, shrubs and tree species are described. Our rishis in the Vedas have offered hundred-fold respects and prostrations to the trees. Rishis say that it is not possible to imagine life without trees. Vājasaneya Sanhitā (VS) shows immense respect towards the trees and say one should have reverence and devotion towards all eatables, grains, medicinal herbs, trees, forests and vegetation. Trees are considered as devatās (deities) meaning one who keeps giving incessantly. Trees have always been beneficial to us and they possess the divine qualities that qualify them to be addressed as devatās.

On 31st of August, on the auspicious beginning of “Ved Prachar Saptah – (31.08.2023 – 07.09 2023), a havan was performed in school with a pledge of taking care of all forms of life on the planet. It was followed by a mega plantation drive in our campus. We had received a gift of more than 2000 saplings from RABINDRA SAROVAR’S FRIENDS FORUM, KOLKATA. In the presence of our Principal Mrs. Lopa Chatterjee, the distribution of mango, palm and lemon saplings took place. All students have received a sapling with a smiling face. They were instructed to nurture these plants and contribute in the conservation of nature. It was a very encouraging, motivating and inspiring activity for the young ones as well as for the teachers. It helped us to inculcate amongst our learners a feeling of belongingness and awareness regarding their responsibilities towards the Mother Nature.


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